Entities & Elementals – total of 1 chart

Healing Tools From the Masters – total of 1 Chart

Entities & Healing Tools

There are many unseen lower vibrational entities reside in our space or etheric bodies.

As long as we are creating negative thought forms and holding discordant feeling, we may open up our energy fields and attract different type of entities including discarnates.

We may seek for higher forces assistance like angels, the masters, creator and high-self to help us clear and remove from our bodies. Most of the entities are easy to remove, just ask and the spirits will do the works for us.

Note.  Do not use your own willpower / energies to clear as it may deplete yours, always ask the higher force to do the works.

This chart is specially designed for the experienced healer & practitioners.


1.       Remain Grounded and holding the light, love, joy and harmony in your mind.

2.       Call forth the protection, imagine a Golden Bubble of Light surround you.

3.       Use the Master and Angels Chart to look for suitable master for help.

4.       Call upon them to your immediate space

Ask. Do I have any entities listed in this Entities Chart?

If yes, go to Entities Chart and ask your higher self (or High-Self if you are SRT practitioner), what psychic entities reside in my bodies?

Once you have found the entities, ask High-Self, the masters, Archangels to help you clear and remove it.

You may also use the Healing Tools Chart to find out what tools may help you to clear and remove the specific entities.

High-Self, the masters and Archangel Michael and Metatron,  use your power, light, love and grace to remove the ___________(name of entities) in my bodies with 100% efficiency and effectiveness.

You may imagine the lower energies moving out from bodies and transmuted through the white light.

Once it is done, be gratitude and Thanks the Masters for the help.

Use pendulum to verify the clearing results.

Higher self, has it been cleared, it should be swing in Yes Signal. (Ask 3 times)

Now repeat the above steps and ask if there’s other entities in the bodies.

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