Ascended Masters Pendulum Charts Series

An Ascended Master is an individualized Soul who has perfected his consciousness, balanced his karma, has total control of his attention and how and where it is focused, and possesses the ability to teach others to do the same.
Generally, as Souls incarnated on earth we are sharing the same goal; to become an Ascended Master in this life time just like the Ascended Masters of old have done.  They are always wiling to help us to achieve this goal as it enables them to be of service and to evolve further.  So why not connect to their essence and vibration to open the doorway to receiving spiritual guidance from them?
This Ascended Master 16 Divinity Pendulum Chart Series comes with a total of 16 divinity dowsing charts. Each chart represents an Ascended Master together with their unique qualities and guidance.
To learn how to use each of the Ascended Master charts, please browse the listing below:
  • Serapis Bey – Divine quality of Active Intelligence, discipline, harmony and abundance.

  • Saint Germain – Divine quality of Self-Transformation, Sacred Science and highest alchemy.

  • Ganesh – Divine quality of Protection, Freedom and Balance.

  • Lakshmi – Divine quality of Strength, Abundance and Prosperity.

  • Kuthumi – Divine quality of Wisdom and Illumination.

  • Kuan Yin – Divine quality of Mercy, Forgiveness and Compassion.

  • Sananda – Divine quality of Love, Healing and Illumination.

  • Djwhal Khul – Divine quality of spiritual understanding and expanding the knowledge of Universal Law.

  • Lord Gautama Buddha – Divine quality of peace, wisdom and illumination.

  • Babaji – Divine quality of immortality, love and Yoga.

  • Lady Nada – Divine quality of peace, service and brotherhood.

  • Hilarion – Chohan of fifth ray, divine quality of truth, science, vision and healing.

  • Paul the Venetian – Divine quality of Love, Beauty, Art. Helping us for initiation and balancing of the heart chakra.

  • Lord Lanto is the Chohan of the second ray, Divine quality of Wisdom, Illumination and precipitation.

  • El Morya is the Chohan of the first ray, God’s Blue Ray of Protection, Faith, and the Will of God.

How to use Ascended Masters Divinity Chart Series?

1.       Use the Master Chart – focus your issue in your mind and ask which Ascended Master able to assist and give you guidance. Point your pendulum over the starting point and see the pendulum moving to which ascended master.
2.       Once then pendulum move to selected ascended master, go to the specific ascended master chart and find out the guidance and answer through your pendulum.

Here are a few sample questions you may like to ask together with the Ascended Master Chart

  • Higher self, which Ascended Master I shall call forth and over-light me today?
  • Higher self, which Ascended Master I shall call forth to give me insights and wisdom to solve the issue of ____________?
  • Higher self, which Ascended Master I shall call forth to give me insights, healing and clearing on this limited belief of ________________?
  • Higher self, which Ascended Master I shall call forth to give me further guidance on researching the root causes of this limited belief of _____________?
  • Higher self, which Ascended Master I shall call forth to learn their qualities and wisdom?
  • Higher self, which Ascended Master I shall call forth to give me guidance on _______?

Who should benefit from these pendulum charts?

  • Dowser
  • Spiritual Healer
  • Spiritual Seeker
  • Counsellor
  • Energy Healer
  • Lightworker
  • Ascension Practitioner

Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason you’re not happy with the content of the pendulum charts, you have a complete guarantee to protect your investment.

If you’re not satisfied with the pendulum charts, then I haven’t achieved my goal. So if you’re not happy with what you get,  Just simply send an email to me and I’ll happily refund your money in full.

Ascended Masters Pendulum Charts Series

Need Master Help? Why not ask the ascended light beings and connect with their essence for guidance? This chart set come come with one master chart and fifteen individual Ascended Masters charts. Total 16 Charts, 225 Guidances with 15 Ascended Masters. Original Price $13.90 (Limited Time Offer: Save $4)


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