If you want to discover who you have been in your past lives on mother earth, or if you are simply  seeking your life purpose and karmic reasons due to your present challenges you are facing, this distant intuitive readings might be for you.

We have probably been through hundreds of life times on earth, and yet we hardly remember any of them in our current lives.  Perhaps you have lived a lifetime as a farmer in the rurals of China, or as a monk in Tibet, or as  a warrior fighting for the Pharoah in ancient Egypt.  Perhaps you were a healer or a high priestess during the Atlantlean civilization. No matter whom you were or what you were doing in your past lives, all incarnational experiences are never wasted and there is always something to learn from each of them.

What is the purpose to exploring and understanding your past lives?

  1. Understand what you already learned in your past lives, trace back your dormant abilities and integrate them into your current consciousness.
  2. Life Lessons that you have yet to learn from past lives; trace back the relevant memories and assist yourself in learning them in this life time.

In this Past Live Soul Memories Readings, you will receive ONE past life reading. This written report will email to you once it is facilitated by the founder Darreck Chen.

This report let you understand more about the key past live lessons which most influence you  in this life, including:

  • Accessing one major key past live from your soul memories
  • The role you played in the major past life
  • Historical time frame of your earth incarnation
  • Discover which parts of the world you have had incarnational experiences
  • Find out your past lives’ lessons, gaining greater clarity about your life
  • Find out the major experiences of your past lives during the most important time
  • Find out the spiritual test(s) involved in the past live
  • Find out the important relationships involved  in past live
  • Calling back soul fragments (if any)
  • Retrieve back lessons you have already learned and integrating them into this life challenges (if any)
  • Retrieve back past lives gifts (if any)
  • Sessions may conclude with healing with the Divine Spirits and clearing away any discordant energies from your four-bodies system which no longer serve your highest good.

If you wish to sign up for this Past Lives Soul Memories Channeled readings, following details required:

  1. Full Name
  2. Age
  3. Country
  4. Photo of you
  5. Description of your current concern or present life challenges; relationship, family, or career etc

Once you have made the payment, please email the above information to info@abundancebelief.com. You will receive a confirmation email from Darreck.

Testimonials from Clients

“I am very glad I came for the Soul Memories. The past life session you did for me really made a whole lot of difference in my connection with my Higher Self and the Divine Being. I feel so much more connected and very much happier.”



ONE Past Live Soul Memories Channeled Readings USD$65
Includes ONE major life time researches, please indicate and describe one present life issue or concerns in your email.

Special Package: TWO Past Lives Soul Memories Reading USD$110
Package includes TWO major life times researches, please indicate and describe two present life issues or concerns in your email.

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