Pendulum Dowsing Charts and Pendulum Dowsing Manual PDF Free Download

Pendulum Dowsing Manual Title:

Communicate with Sub-Conscious Mind, Super-Conscious Mind (Higher Self) and Divine Spirits

Free Download Pendulum Charts and Pendulum Dowsing Manual, Dowsing Book, Dowsing Course pendulum - dowsing manual1 285x400 - Pendulum Dowsing Manual Guide + Free Sample Pendulum ChartsIf you wish to learn the basic pendulum dowsing skills, here’s my pendulum dowsing manual for you to download free. It’s also come with a few of the free sample pendulum dowsing charts from my pendulum charts personal collection.
(These pendulum charts collection design and developed by myself, mainly use for my private healing session with my clients and student.)

In this Pendulum Dowsing Manual, topics will be covered: 

  • Benefits of Using Pendulum
  • Step by Step Setup the muscle movement of using a pendulum
  • Access Sub-conscious Memory.
  • Identify Hidden Information in Memory Bank.
  • Trace Limited Belief, Perception and Judgment.
  • Receive Guidance from the Higher Mind (Super-Conscious Mind).
  • Receive Guidance from Divine Source like Angels and Ascended
  • Master Consciousness.

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