Soul Memories Dowsing Techniques 10 – Root Causes of Money Ceiling and Financial Challenges

money celing financial blocks

After you have got yourself (and your clients) free of any potential connection blockages, you may move forward to the next section of Soul Memories and prepare to ask angels and divine sources about your current concern or problems.

Based on my experiences, not all question we ask will get a reply from the angels, sometimes angels choose not to answer to you at all.

What type of question unlikely get an answer from the angels, creator and higher wisdom self?

Your question is too general and not specific enough, or not relevant.

For example, If you are asking Archangel Metatron and your Wisdom Self a question about Money and Financial Challenges.

I always have a money problem, not enough money to spend, still living in financial debt. What can I do to have more money in my life?

This type of question could be not specific enough, and most likely involve multiple blocks that adding up and causing the problems in your current life.

You may try to rephrase it to:

I am always not able to increase my money income levels and sources, and I have been hitting my money ceiling for many years now, this “money ceiling” is indirectly causing many financial challenges in my life.

What is Money Ceiling

You Money Ceiling sub-consciously limits your capability to handle or generate money past a certain amount. Once you’ve hit that ceiling, you will not progress any further. Unless you change your programming and money beliefs, you will continue to sub-consciously push money away and the ability to generate money.

Think about how much income you earn now (in your business or salary) and then multiply that amount by say, 10 times. Now, when you get that number, what is the first thought that comes into your head?

Let say, you are earning $5000 a month, and you are not able to increase your monthly income level for many years by now. Most likely you have multiple invincible blocks that thickening the ceiling. Thus, contributing to your financial challenges and various area of your life.

Money Ceiling & Financial Blocks

Ask angels, the gatekeeper to “evaluate” your concerns.

If you believe you have money ceiling, and you feel the “Ceiling” contributing your financial challenges and restrains your life. And you would like to use Soul Memories to research the root causes of the problems from your present, and past lives experience memories. You may move on to the next section and ask angels, the gatekeeper to “evaluate” your concerns.

There are many causes and effect related to money challenges, money ceiling is just one of them. 

Based on my own, as well as my client’s experiences, commons blocks leads to money and financial issues include:

  • Lack of Confidence in own Capabilities and Skills
  • Fear of the unknown and Fear of Failure
  • Fear of work responsibilities and avoid troubles
  • Negative Judgement to certain income sources, industries and business model, thus blocks to multiple streams of incomes and lead to financial challenges.
  • Too focus on a certain type of Job, and limit to greater wealth and sources.
  • Prefer to stay in own comfort zone. 
  • Believe in limiting perspective of kindness, must sacrifice own self and fulfil others need first. 

There are countless of reasons out there, you may see if you have any challenges above, and base on the suggested traits to find out the root causes, programming, cords, attachments, energies through  Soul Memories or BodyMaitre.

On the Soul Memories page 20. Use the question to ask for permission about your problem.

Use your pendulum as a channelling dowsing tool now, If you got a Yes, which means you are “pass”, ready to move forward to research the root-causes and blocks.

If you got a No, you might need to re-evaluate your question further, until the direction of your problem is supporting your life purposes and learning purposes.

If you have a copy of Soul Memories system, and you keep on getting a No. you are welcome to write to me to further evaluate and check for you. 😊

Next article, we will share a real-life case study on financial challenges and money ceiling, and how Soul memories help to reveal the root causes of the money problems.

Soul Memories Money Ceiling Financial Blocks
Asking Gatekeeper Permission.

Soul Memories is not just a series of pendulum charts, it is a comprehensive, step by step, walkthrough past life regression guiding system, bringing you back to the present and past lives to identify the unresolved root causes, underlying blocks, programming and stories that caused the current love relationship, financial and health challenges.

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