Soul Memories Dowsing Techniques 9 – How to research Past Life for others?

Soul Memories Dowsing Past Life Regression

When you are free of blocks and interferences, you are ready to start regressing back to past lives and memories.

In this section, put your pendulum aside as you are not going to use it.

There are two options here.

Researching for yourself.  And Researching for others.

If your purpose for using the Soul Memories for your own self, then you can move forward to Page 20.

If you are researching for your clients, family or friend, soul memories of his/her past lifetimes on Mother Earth then you can move to the next section on page 18.

Let say you are working with your friend, on page 18, you will be required to ask for their verbal permission.

Why do we require for other permission to research their soul records?

It’s all about FREE-WILL.

As a holistic practitioner, asking permission for any form of healing works is basic ethics. If we are simply giving reading or healing to people without asking their permission, then it is not ethically appropriate.

Let say, if you are looking for friends to practice Soul memories system, you may ask them politely:

I’m currently learning a healing modality on Past Live research through pendulum dowsing, will you be interested to be my case study?

Instead of;

Let me do a past life reading on you!

Nobody like, or being forced to do something, no matter how powerful or experiences you are. And if we are forcing someone for a healing session, the energy and connection automatically shut off, ego kick in to manipulate the answer or your finding eventually.

In the next part, this is where you can help your client clear his/her own connection. Which means You and your client are free of blocks and interferences. Once both sides are ready, we can start the research through Soul Memories system.

Can you give Soul Memories readings to other remotely?

Yes, of course, if you start practising, I would suggest you give the reading in your own space, simply because you can fully take your own time to practice and research with minimal interferences.

You may also have more times to collect, integrate your information through the Soul Memories worksheets. The beauty is, once you have enough information, angels will show you a big picture of the research, as though you had just finished watching a movie and understand the overall story.  

Once you have a full picture, you can explain to your friend about your research.

Let say, you are very fluent with the system, and you are ready to give a face to face reading to your friend or client, the advantage is; involvement and engagement. Your client will be surprised by the energy findings which exactly match with their current life challenges.

(It could be different story setup, but the essence, behaviour and feeling are repeating with the present life.)

So, my suggestion would be, for the practice purposes, start distant reading first.

Once you are very confident with your connection, and workflow of the Soul Memories system, try out on-site reading, as both will give you different kind of learning experiences.


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