Soul Memories Dowsing Techniques 7 – How to clear blocks Listed in Interferences charts on chart 14?

Soul Memories Pendulum Dowsing Charts Blocks Interferences

In the previous article, we talked about 22 types of interferences that may be blocking us to work with the creator, angels and divine sources in Soul Memories past life research. Once we have identified the potential block(s), we can request from the source(s) to remove and neutralise it.

Sit quietly and firmly, allow the mind, body and heart align with a firm and grounded intention, simply verbal out the invocation listed in Soul Memories chart 15.

(If English is not your 1st language, you may translate it and use the language that you are most familiar with, to invoke the clearing statement.)

For example in Chinese

Allow yourself to let the angels do their works on you.

How difficult to remove it?

Allowing is the key, the more open and allowing of your intention, the easier of clearing the “stuff” in you.

How do we know if we are giving 100% permission to let the angels do their works?

Use the pendulum and ask the creator.

Is my four-bodies system giving 100% permission to let the angels do their work on me?

Am I 100% feeling safe, and open up to unknown sources such as divine sources and angels for help?

If the answer is not 100%, which mean either you are subconscious rejecting the help or shut off yourself for help.

Here’s the important, which you have to ask yourself, am I fully and ready to receive help from the universe? If yes, say yes out loudly and align your intention to invoke.

I, (Your full name) is 100% ready and open up to receive clearing, healing and guidance from the divine sources now. I am expressing my gratitude and excitement by the help from the universe and angels now.

If you feel ready to receive the guidance, you can verify with your pendulum again. And repeat asking the above question.

So how easy the blocks being removed?

Soul Memories is a template guide, while Pendulum and pendulum charts serve as a tool between you and divine sources, what’s empower the tool is your own consciousness.

If we allow divine sources, particularly angels/guides to do the works, it can get it done in no time.

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