Soul Memories Dowsing Techniques 8 – Archangel Metatron, the Record Keeper

In Soul Memories, Accuracy of information is very important, that’s why we need to check information accuracy percentage regularly, while we are researching past life memories. 

Am I 100% Ready to receive clear and accurate information from Archangel Metatron, the Record Keep and my Wisdom Self?

In this section, It helps us to confirm if we are ready to start researching soul memories records and experiences with the pendulum.

There are two answers in the chart.

Left Side: No

Right Side: Yes

  1. Hold your pendulum right in front of you, in between the two answers, if your pendulum swing diagonally toward NO, which means you might still not ready yet, and you going back to Charts Page 14 to identify the remaining block(s).
  2. If your pendulum swings forward diagonally right, which means YES, and you are ready to move forward to next page.

Imagine you are playing snake and ladder game, you can quickly moving up and yet you can quickly descending back to the original point.


Pendulum Charts

Life is like a Game

We may think we have clear enough, but somehow something is coming up. But if we look at the positive side. It may not be a bad thing as it helps us to aware something we need to let go before we can venture into the infinite flow of abundance.

So, next time if you encounter a block(s), you should feel excited instead of saying “not again!”.

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