In the past years, as an intuitive consultant and holistic healer, I have encountered countless people who are experiencing issues related to well-being and health. I also see many clients who are seeking advice for their physical, mental and emotional challenges.  Some are cancer patients who try to seek out alternative therapies to support their health concerns. Thus, besides scanning, clearing and healing their energy body and asking advice from Angels and Divine Spirits, I have also found that it is important to look into their eating habits and living conditions, as well as also combining different traditional and modern alternative therapies for the health issues in question.

After many years of study and research into the different types of health tips and holistic therapies, I have compiled and edited this information into an 81 A4 page guidebook and 18 pendulum chart sets.

The 18 sets of Pendulum Charts and guidebook cover the following topic and tips:

  • Ancient, traditional and natural eastern and western healing methods
  • What food is good or bad for health in this modern world
  • Complementary healing techniques for better health
  • New Age and spiritual healing tools and advice from the Divine Spirits


These pendulum charts have been especially useful for me when working with the Angels, Divine Spirits, High Self and Wisdom Self to give holistic health guidance not just for myself but also for my clients around the world.

If you wish to get guidance from the Angels, Spiritual Guides or your Higher Self, you may use the following question to post to them before using the charts

  1. Before starting the dowsing process, make sure you have prepared yourself by removing any blocks and interferences. Please refer to the dowsing manual for detailed steps to do this. Alternately it is recommended to attend a dowsing class in your area to learn a good dowsing technique.  Divinity Dowsing or Spiritual Response Therapy are highly recommended for this.
  2. Ask your Higher Self, High Self, Spirits Guides and Angels to download all the knowledge and information of the Optimum Health Series into your Soul and higher minds so that your guide knows what is it all about before giving you guidance.
    Invocation: “I now ask my Higher Self, High Self, Spirits Guides and Angels to research and download all the information and wisdom of the Optimum Health Series and guidebook into my wisdom self and higher minds.”
    If you need my help on this spiritual attunement send an email request to me and I will do it for you and your Soul.
  3. Write down your well-being concerns or challenges on a piece of paper asking the guides to research the best advice.
    1. Wisdom self and Master from the divine light (or the name your favourite master and guides), please perform a thorough scan of my health challenges of ___________ (physical, mental or emotional issues), and find a most suitable and appropriate advice or therapies that suit my condition in the highest order.
    2. You may want to ask your guide if there is more than one advice for the same issue, if yes, simply repeating the question above will do.
      Ask: Is there more than one advice option available for me for this issue? (Yes or No response by using pendulum or muscle testing)
    3. To double check the accuracy, you can use the muscle testing method to verify your answer.
    4. If you are a healer / channel to ask for advice for your clients or simply a casual dowser who wants to help your friends, please make sure you ask their permission first and ask your guides to perform a thorough research of their energy body and causes of the health issues first before using these pendulum charts.

Who can benefit from these pendulum charts?

  • Dowser
  • Spiritual Healer
  • Spiritual Seeker
  • Counsellor
  • Energy Healer
  • Lightworker
  • Ascension Practitioner



How to use Optimum Health Divinity Chart Series?


1.       Use the Master Chart – focus your issue in your mind Point your pendulum over the starting point and see the pendulum moving to which chart no.

2.       Once then pendulum move to selected page no, go to the specific chart and find out the guidance and tips through your pendulum.




The charts here are not intended to prevent, diagnose, treat or cure disease, please consult a licensed physician before beginning any new alternative or complementary therapy program.

Neither the author nor the publishers of the charts make any representations or warranties of any kind regarding the appropriateness of the advice contained herein for any individuals. The information presented is not medical advice and is not given as medical advice, and is not a substitute for consultation with a specialist medical practitioner.


Optimum Health Series + 238 Holistic Health Tips for Optimum Health eBook Edition
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Optimum Health Series
Total of 17 Divinity Pendulum Dowsing Charts for Optimum Health Tips
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