Djwhal khul

Ascended Master Djwhal Khul  – Divine quality of spiritual understanding and expanding the knowledge of Universal Law.

How to work with Djwhal Khul’s essence and vibration?

Affirm:  I only work with the master Djwhal Khul from the purest light and love.

Imagine a golden white ball of light (the Angels and Higher Self) right above your crown chakra as you intentionally and lovingly project your question to the master. Wait for the master to show you the answer through the pendulum and chart.

  1. Djwhal Khul, please overlight me today with your pure light, love and grace.
  2. Djwhal Khul, please let me know which qualities I need to cultivate further?
  3. Djwhal Khul, what do I need to know or cultivate further for the issue of _____________?
  4. Djwhal Khul, What shall I learn for today’s lesson?
  5. Djwhal Khul, Which area shall I pay more attention to today?

You can ask any question as long as it is for your own spiritual development and highest good.

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