Do I have any Past Life unresolved karma with my children?

Is your current life drama with your children carry forward from past life trauma?

Serving as a role of parents in this life often difficult enough, right?

Some may think, it must be my “pay back” karma time for my children in this life time.

If you believe you have many dramas happening between you and your children, most likely there’s unresolved lessons carrying forward, for both of you to overcome, and learn together.

Sometimes we repeat relationships with the same soul, in different roles to learn important life lessons.

The stories and the roles might be different, compare to present and past lives, but the essences of the spiritual lessons between both of you most likely playing the same.

For example:

  1. You might be wondering, you love and care for your daughter, but deep down there’s an unidentified guilt energy, conflicting your love toward your daughter. These unidentified guilt energies causing you to show over-indulgence of your parenting care toward your children, even though you know being an over-doting parent to your children may affecting their learning behaviour and development.
  2. Or, you have two children, you love your first child, you have no issue with him. but somehow you are very strict to your 2nd one. You are uncontrollably too discipline to him, fear he might making mistakes “again”, and you might even find yourself unknowingly over-identify as a “teacher” role, instead of “parent”.

Every effect, there’s a cause. The causes might be just unresolved energy and soul lessons being carry forward from the past. The past, can be from the present life time, or accumulating from the past lives.

How do you know if you have unresolved past life lessons with your children?

If you are unsure why you, or your children have uncontrollable behaviours, heavy feeling, or simply blocking to express love to each other’s, it means there’s something needed to be sorted out. If you done a lot of parenting counselling, and the heaviness and conflicts still there, you might want to get into the root from the past lives to sort it out.

If you are dowser, you are working with higher self and angels. You may ask:

I have this unidentified heavy and uncontrollable deep-seated feeling toward my (  ) son/daughter (name), do I have any unresolved lessons carry forward into present life relationship? (Yes / No)

If you felt that your son/daughter uncontrollably or unintentionally holding unidentified negativity towards you, you may ask:

My son/daughter (Name) holding unidentified negative behavior toward me,  is she/he have any unresolved lessons carry forward into this present life relationship? (Yes / No)

If yes, and you happen to own a copy of Soul Memories Dowsing System, you may try to ask your higher self and Angels, to find out the details type of lessons, casts, time-line, stories, and perform clearing works from the angels. By rewriting the past energies could be the answer for your spiritual parenting here.

Do look closely into the past life experiences energies charts in the Soul Memories, you may find that your research report most energies are repeating the same as what you are experiencing in this life now.

It is also important, find out the Positive Soul Expression in the Soul Expression Charts and find out what are the energies for both of your souls to cultivate, as these might be the answer for you; how to develop harmony and spiritual parenting / relationship with your children.

If you happen in Asia, would like to learn how to communicate with your angels and guides through dowsing with me, do checkout my class schedule.

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