Experiences Sharing on Using Abundance Belief Pendulum Charts

I really like your pendulum charts.  I have been using it now and then to work with my higher self to seek guidance and advice. I would like to share some of my recent experiences after having read your articles on using the charts.

I have been quite stress out with my work, feeling dismal and empty due to the internal politics in my workplace. People in the office seemed to enjoy pushing their responsibilities to me all constantly.

I have been using the following charts in hope of getting some advice from the Angels and Master.

  1. Archangel Charts  – Pendulum pointed to:
    Archangel Uriel Charts > Divine Magic
  2.  Ascended Master Charts – Pendulum pointed to:
    Babaji  > Spiritual Growth
  3. Positive Belief for Job and Success Chart – Pendulum pointed to:
    I believe that I love the people I work with.
  4. Spiritual Attitude Chart – Pendulum pointed to:
    Whole and Complete / Non Attachment
  5. Types of Meditation Chart – Pendulum pointed to:
    Feeling Meditation
  6. Crystal Chart – Pendulum pointed to:

From the messages above, I began to realise what my higher self and the divine beings are trying to tell me. I asked for Archangel Uriel to constantly anchor divine magic and help me with my beingness and also with my relationships with the people whom I have issues with.

I realised that Babaji’s message is really about working on myself by looking within and change myself through spiritual growth.

From the limited belief charts, the message to me meant that I need to change my limiting beliefs. I must change my feelings and beliefs about the people I work with. I should learn to be more positive towards them, instead of judging their ignorance.

I have started to be more conscious of my own feelings not only in meditation but also as often as I can. I consciously embrace the feeling of wholeness and complete when I am meditating about the issue I am facing. I realised I am becoming more positive and feels more joy too n everything I do.

The most amazing thing is that I have no idea what a Turquoise is. Naturally, I Google-d about it. I found that Turquoise has positive properties that matches with and will help anchor the right energies to deal with issues that I am facing now!

“Turquoise can assist creative problem solving and can calm the nerves when speaking in public. It is also believed to stabilise mood swings, dissolve self-sabotage and allow self-expression.

Turquoise is good crystal to wear when you have decisions to make as it can encourage self-questioning. “

I immediately went out to a crystal shop and bought one. I have been wearing it daily since.

After few days of practice of being aware of the feelings I like to embrace in meditation, calling for divine magic and help from the Archangel Uriel, things started changing in office. My colleagues smiled at me! I also felt that the energies in my office shifted positively too!

Thanks for your charts, Darreck! It has helped me a lot!

God Bless!

Cindy, Singapore.

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