How Pure is Our Intention while working with Divinity Dowsing?

Can we ask the Higher Self for lottery numbers? Or questions like is he or she in love with me?

The answer is, No; simply because the question is not coming from pure intention. When the questions are not pure, we are not working with the higher levels of frequency like the Higher Self.

If we are asking a question based on our lower desire, the ego may take it upon itself to give us an answer back. In this case the answer will not be accurate.

But if we ask a question that matches the vibration and frequency of our Higher Self, the Source, Angels and Ascended Master frequencies, we are able to tap into their consciousness and get the accurate response.

Divinity Dowsing is a method that can be used for us to communicate with divine beings to receive daily guidance. If our intention is not pure, we are unlikely to get an accurate answer.

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