Positive Beliefs for Health

How often do we pay attention to our physical body? Have we thought about how hard the physical body works every second and minute of the day, to ensure that we have good health to live our life? How often do we thank our body with gratitude for enabling us to move and express ourselves with ease? Do we say “I love you” often enough to the physical body?

If we want to create better health conditions, we must infuse our mind with positive thoughts, beliefs and feelings towards our body.

If our minds think negatively, for example, when we are constantly worried about our health and in constant fear of doom or ill, our bodies will take it literally (as how we are thinking) to mean that this is how we want our bodies to be. The body will then create this causing even more burden and negative energy which affects our health dramatically.

Questions we can pose to Higher Self include:

Higher Self, which positive health belief can I cultivate further in my consciousness?

Higher Self, which positive belief can I strengthen in my belief system in order to enhance my situation of ________________? (health issue, challenges etc)

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