Soul Memories Techniques 5 – 22 types of Interferences may be blocking you to work with Divine Sources and Angels. (Part 1)

In the Soul Memories system, chart 14, listed with 22 types of common blocks and interferences, based on my past dowsing experiences, these “hiccups” may blocking us communicate between angels, higher self and divine sources. If you are always getting an incorrect answer, or your pendulum movement always swings “wildly”. These might indicate you have one or more of the blocks listed in the chart.

Imagine your computer wifi signal always dropping, due to interferences from the environment causes, or your computer, installing too much junk software’s, slowing down the processing power and data transfer. Or, you intend to visit google website, but once you open the browser, one of the trojan horse scripts redirected you to other site. As long as your computer, or your line is not clear, you wouldn’t be getting a clear connection.

The interferences chart, for you to identify inner and outer blocks, so you can easily identify and remove them, with the divine love and power. You may use this module as a standalone reading and healing session, to check for yourself, your loved and clients, to identify whether they have any of these blocks and interference.

  1. Emotional Attachments – overly attached to fear-based emotions, such as anxiety, fear, judgement, worry of receiving wrong answer etc. If your emotions filled with fear, these fear going to pull your vibration down and blocking you to receive clear guidance from the divine source.
  2. Space Interferences – Is your space filled with dense vibration? Distracted sound and interferences? Or people walking in and out? Is unresolved emotional vibrational energy lingering around? Is your mobile phone yet to put on the silent mode? All these environmental issues may be interfering you or distracting you to work with the divine source.
  3. Discarnates – Human souls left the body, still roaming around in the lower dimension, yet going back to the source. These types of spirit may not have any ill intention to you, they may be just asking you for help, or drawn to you by your light and vibration. Most of the cases, simply ask the angel to escort them to the divine source will do.
  4. Implants – One of the common types of implants called psychic implants, there are many purposes for this type of implant, such as to limit your potential, skills, healing, learning, or abundance. If your divine source indicates the pendulum, pointing to implants, which mean you might need to remove it first in you before receiving a clear communication channel with the source. It has been said by many psychics that implants were implemented as a form of control in past ages.
  5. Belief System – You might need to look into your own belief system, whether you have any limiting beliefs, that’s blocking you to work with divine source, such as; I’m fear of working with unknown, I am fear of receiving the wrong answer, I’m fear of connecting to dark sources, my ego always involved, I wouldn’t be able to receive clear answer, I don’t have dowsing experiences etc.
  6. Spiritual Parasites – It is like physical parasites, but working in psychic level, basically It attaches, feeds, and reproduces to your energy body, your thoughts and emotion. It attaches to your perspective and interpretation of experience. It feeds off of your energy generated by thoughts and emotions. It reproduces more egoic patterns in yourself and in people you come in contact with.
  7. Entity – Usually created by repetitive thoughts, when we repetitively feeding negative thoughts and emotions to certain images and visual, it formed life. Most of the time, these types of entity usually created by a large group of people for years and centuries. While other types of entity coming from other dimension and space. The main purpose of the entity is sucking people energies, limiting life purpose, and blocking personal development.
  8. Energy Attachments – It can be manifested in the form of negative and limiting thought, attaching to things, people, results, collective consciousness, places, the certain timeframe in the past or future. If we are attached to any of the areas above, it might be blocking us to move forward, trapped inside the karmic cycle, and even blocking us to work with divine sources.
  9. Possessions – Part of other people’s soul fragments might be inside your energy fields and bodies, causing you living on other people’s purposes.
  10. Negative Elementals – Can be forms of plants, earth, animal and thought-feeding spirits without a soul. Usually creation from five elements: metal, wood, water, fire and earth.
  11. Psychic Hooks – Similar to energy attachment, but denser and intense. It is a form of psychic connection manifested as a form of attachment and addiction to a person, substance, or needs. This type of hooks causing you difficulties to move out of the trap.

In the next articles, we will talk more about another 11 types of blocks and interferences.

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