What is your Spiritual Belief?

The Ever Unfolding Path

As many of us on the spiritual path would have found out, the road towards self discovery and mastery is one that is constantly unfolding and changing as we go through life. Once we think we have got it down pat, life usually throws us a curveball which may put to test everything we’ve ever learnt and challenge the spiritual beliefs that we hold close to our hearts. It is at this point that the weak hearted become disillusioned and veer off the spiritual path. Some re-embark of their personal journeys somewhere later down the road; others harden themselves to the higher yearnings of their soul and lose themselves in the hubbub of human existence.

Here’re some revelations that have come to light through the years of spiritual practice that I’d like to share in this article.

1. Your personal “Truth” is constantly evolving – the Universe grows, as we grow and experience life. What you hold true today, may not be the case tomorrow. It wasn’t that you were wrong, or that the teacher who taught you that particular nugget of wisdom was wrong. It is just that “truth” is relative, and our concept and experience of that changes, as we grow through life.

2. This is a path that has no end in sight – even if we live to be a 100 and think that we know it all, we don’t. The journey of evolution continues beyond the lifespan of our human bodies and is the fuel that keeps us going from lifetime to lifetime.

3. Spiritual plateaus are part of the package – I’m positive that everyone reading this article has had experienced some form of spiritual “high” or “peak”; the euphoric moment of spiritual ecstasy that convinces us that there exists a realm and other higher beings beyond what can be comprehended by the five human senses. More often than not, the thud back to human reality is equally momentous and hard-felt. At other times, it seems as if our spiritual practice has reached its peak and is leading us nowhere. Persevere! For as much as peaks are part of the package towards self mastery, plateaus are also a very necessary part of the process. It allows us to rest, take stock of what we have learnt and fully assimilate the energies and wisdom into our energy structure.

4. Don’t bother just to be better than your contemporaries or predecessors. Try to be better than yourself – there is no race to be “spiritually superior” or on par with your peers. It isn’t a contest to find out who can “hear”, “see” or “feel” better. Everything moves according to its own time and rhythm, including our personal spiritual journeys. There is no such thing as keeping up with the Joneses when it comes to self mastery. All we can do is to be vigilant about our own behaviour and progress, and endeavour not to fall into the trap of inertia and complacency. Spiritual work is hard work, but it is definitely not a competition. It is an on-going process where we work at being better than we were yesterday.

5. Solitude is not a quick fix to enlightenment – meditating in a cave, or on top of a mountain does not speed up the learning process. It is only through interaction with other people that we get to sort ourselves out and learn precious lessons we would otherwise have missed had we not been “out there” in the crowd. More often than not, we are highly tempted to extricate ourselves from the mess and chaos of human living. Refrain from succumbing to this temptation, however enticing it may seem. Whilst it is okay to have occasional “time-outs” from interaction, long term solitude will only lead to stagnation and inertia. We all learn better, when we learn together.


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