14 things to find out from Past Lives – The Pendulum Way

When I am doing a past life reading or research for myself or others, it is like attending a spiritual education class. By understanding the different lessons in each of the past life experiences, I will then be conscious not to repeat any mistakes of the past. This is also true of when I am researching and helping my clients.

Usually, I will ask these questions to my Higher Self and memory record keeper in my work using pendulum dowsing.

  1. Lesson and Theme of Life – What type of spiritual lessons was I experiencing in the life time I am researching? E.g. Lessons involving Money, Relationship, Fear, Anger or other relevant tests. This is so that I know the theme of the life time I am exploring.
  2. Time frame – When  was the life time I am researching happened? Finding out the time frame lets me know how long I have been incarnated on earth.
  3. Geographical Regions –  Where was I experiencing my past life and its lessons – geographically? I would like to find out the geographical region instead of the name of the country because the earth is old,  whereas, countries as we know them today are young names! It is more accurate in a way to find out the location instead of name like china, Egypt etc.
  4. Age group – how old was I when I had a particular important life experience of that life time?
  5. Primary Role – Who was I? Was I a religious person, a slave, an aristocrat, a businessman, an artist, an explorer, a prostitute or even a concubine?
  6. Environment – What kind of environmental was I in? Was it a small village, open grazing land or up in the mountains? A military, palace or jail?
  7. Third Party – Are there any major party or secondary role involved in this most important time of life experience? Is it a King, a caretaker, a Bureaucrat or enemy?
  8. Relationship – What was the relationship between the primary role and the third party? Was it a husband and  wife relationship? Student and teacher relationship? Master and slave? Polygamy relationship? Twins?
  9. Good or Difficult Experience? – Did the primary role I am researching worked out the past life lesson or test? It is not necessary a bad experience for each of our life. It can be joyful and fruitful experiences in term of soul perspective.  It can be the soul’s life time of being a rich person and helping lot of people by his generosity and kind heart. It can also be an experience the soul needed to integrate into the life consciousness of that lifetime.
  10. Life Expression – How does the primary role expressed his life at that most important time? From the list of experience we can roughly know what has the soul experienced through and how he/she handle it.
  11. Soul qualities – Was the primary role able to be attuned to his/her soul qualities and was he/she able to fully and appropriately express in that life time? From the soul qualities check, we will be able to find out how much of the soul lessons is learnt in that life time.
  12. Past Life Gifts of the Higher Senses – example of higher senses are the likes of knowingness, insights, clear psychic senses, healing abilities, etc, are gifts from Creator to help us work through our lesson on earth. We can check what higher senses we were using and if it was used for highest good or did we abused it unknowingly or for selfish gains in the past lives.
  13. Termination – How does the primary role ended the life time we are researching?  Through peaceful death? Death by disease? Accident, Catastrophe or being attacked?
  14. Soul Fragment – Did the soul left any soul fragment energies behind? Maybe the soul was too attached to certain life experience and that caused a strong psychological pattern in this life time?

All these question and specifically created charts can be found in the Soul Book of my workshop Soul Memories that i will be facilitating. For more information about the class please find out here.

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