7 Preparation Steps to receive a Clear and Accurate Past Lives Readings

After years of practicing pendulum dowsing, I have inspired with my mentor and teacher to come out with my own way and steps on how to research my past lives. From these practice, I knew who I was in many of the key life times and what spiritual and life lessons that I have learned or yet to learned (which bring forth to present live). By combining my creative background, I have combined what I have learned in past years, the pendulum dowsing skills and spiritual knowledge into this unique, step by step , page by page process of past lives research system, the soul Memories.

By using the Soul Book in Soul Memories workshop, I will be going through the following 7 key steps to research past lives.

  1. 4 bodies Clearing – clear your energy fields, chakras and blocks. In order to receive accurate information and clear connection to divine beings, the practitioner  need to be a clear conduit. The clearing process is a crucial in-order to get clear connection and answer.
  2. Space Clearing  – If the space is energetically “dirty” or vibration low, other entities can come in easily. A proper space clearing process is required to avoid any interferences.
  3. Protection – Are you protected from the interferences while you are channeling information through pendulum dowsing? If not, the answer you have got most likely not from the source you are channeling.
  4. Invocation – Are you invocating the right master or angel to give you information? It is important to use the right words to tune into the right master for past live research.
  5. Accuracy & interference Check– It is important to regularly checking how pure is your connection and what is blocking the connection, there are many unseen interference around like implant, gray field, discarnate can interfere the connection.  These interferences can be easily identified through a right set of questions and a set of special made pendulum chart.
  6. Approval Check – it is important to ask for the soul and record keeper approval before open the soul records. Even it is your own soul!
  7. Ego and Mind Check – Is your mind holding any limiting beliefs that blocking you to work with Spirits? A sub-conscious beliefs like “I am fear to work with Spirits or God.” “I am fear of knowing the negative result/answer while channeling.” These type of negative or limiting sub-conscious beliefs can easily block your pendulum or connection with source.

Most of the spiritual explorer and lightworker may have some level of experiences to find out their past lives, some went through a past live regression session, a psychic oracle card reading or past lives channeling session. You may thought of learning how to retrieve and integrate your past lives experiences yourself is too taxing or difficult to master this skill. You may think that you need to trained to be psychic first before you can “access” these information.

In fact, retrieving past lives dormant memories and gifts is not difficult, what you need is just a system to guide you through the process.

To find out the Soul Memories workshop and how to use the Soul Book, check this link out.

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