The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Dowsers‏

Many of you visiting this site would have had some experience with dowsing; some more than others. However, we are certain that everyone can agree that dowsing is a spiritual practice that yields tremendous insights when used in the correct manner. Here’re some tips we would like to share to make the most out of your dowsing experience and be a highly effective dowser!

  1. Dowse in a safe and sacred space – ensure that you are dowsing in a safe (and preferably cleansed) environment with as little distraction as possible. Let’s face it, whipping up your trusty crystal pendulum in the middle of Starbucks is as likely to garner unwanted attention as it is to receive unclear signals from your pendulum friend.
  2. Ground, connect and centre – it is important to ground your energies so that you act as a solid conduit for divine energies to flow through. Establish a strong connection to your Higher Self through your crown chakra and allow the energy to coalesce in the region of your heart chakra, which will then flow through the arm to the pendulum.
  3. Relax your arm and allow the energy to flow from the heart centre to the pendulum – tensing of the muscles in any way by allowing the arm to be twisted in an unnatural position only serves to constrict the energy flow.
  4. Checking the movements of your pendulum – we all usually have a pre-established set of movements expected of the pendulum. Ask a few sample questions to double-check that the pendulum is responding in the appropriate manner. If it isn’t, you may want to clear your space or mind of all distractions.
  5. Asking your questions aloud clearly and with authority – the answers will also be presented to you in a clear and accurate manner. The quality of the response is only as clear as the quality of the questions.
  6. Be patient and allow the pendulum to give you the answers to let the story unfold – when working with charts, we may encounter a situation which requires copious research. Be mindful not to succumb to inertia or laziness and give up on the researching process halfway through. If there are many factors to research on, it means that the issue is deep seated and requires the extra effort!
  7. Practise makes perfect – no one was born an expert at dowsing. The more you connect with your pendulum and dowse with the appropriate charts, the better you will be at it!
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