An Angel, Everyday

As spiritual warriors, many of us have read about angels, attended angel-centric workshops or have had an angel card reading or two done. The angels’ trademark warm and steady waves of loving energy can be felt every time we call upon them or commune with them.

However, how many of us would consciously choose to emanate the same loving vibes in our interaction with the people around us?

The angels would like nothing more than for us to be earth angels in our everyday lives. As much as they have assisted us in our spiritual growth and life on earth, they would like us, in turn, to emulate their actions and be there for our fellow men.

It needn’t be anything lofty like holding angel workshops or conducting angel card readings on a professional basis. But rather, small acts of kindness like having a despondent colleague over for dinner or doing a grocery run for an unwell relative will more than suffice for us earth angels.

By no means exhaustive, here are some examples of random acts of kindness that we can perform in our everyday lives:

  • Holding the lift door open for the next person to enter or exit
  • Offering to do the office coffee run
  • Giving encouragement and words of affirmation to those around us
  • Saying “thank you” more often
  • Practising courteous and safe driving on the roads
  • Sharing that freshly baked apple pie with the neighbours
  • Praising and showing of appreciation to service staff (leaving a bigger tip certainly incentivises people tremendously)
  • Listening, and I mean really listening to others
  • Offering to do the dishes and taking out the trash
  • Choosing to see the good in people and complimenting them sincerely for it

By way of the ripple effect, we can only hope that by embodying the energies of the angels, more people around us will be inspired to take up the mantle of being an earth angel. Even folks who are consciously aware of energy work!

For being an earth angel begins with you and I.

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