Tis the Season to be Jolly

With the effects of last week’s retrograde wearing off, many of us now find ourselves caught up in the flurry of Christmas activities in the weeks leading up to the 25th of December. Even the Scrooges of the world cannot ignore the festive cheer wafting through the air at every turn.

It is true that things on the world stage are not so jolly at the moment. We stand at the brink of yet another world recession, reports of unrest in the Middle East and climate-related incidents around the region. There doesn’t seem to be very much to celebrate about, really.

Still, instead of wallowing in doom and gloom, it has been reported that consumer spending is on the rise in certain European countries. Whilst I bear a neutral stance towards consumerism, it is heartening to note that people are spending more money on gifts for family and loved ones, as a sign of encouragement that we can get through the uncertainties that lie ahead. It is a sign of defiance that though we may be downtrodden, our spirits can never be broken.

According to Gary Chapman, gift giving is one of the five languages of love. It is a way in which we let the people around us know that we love and care for them. The price tag of the gift is not as important as the thought and effort that goes into getting it. Get your loved one something practical, and preferably also edify his or her life at the same time. Also, be mindful to always spend within your means, and not to allow peer pressure or external factors to govern how much budget you are able to allocate to gift giving this year.

Lastly, hold the intention of love, compassion, hope and warmth within your energy system. In this way, whatever gift you choose to bestow upon your loved one, will embody the wishes and positive intentions you hold for them.


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