Regressing with the Retrograde?

I don’t know about you, but last week was certainly a testy week for me.

From minor bumps on the head to washing machines that couldn’t stop spinning, it seemed like that there was no end to the spate of irritations that popped up almost every day. Personally, there was a general feeling of malaise and I was more Mr Hyde than Dr Jekyll to the people around me.

On the third day into a week that was fast descending into unpleasantness, it was brought to my attention that Mercury was going into retrograde from 24 November to 13 December. Whenever this
planetary movement occurs, challenges such as difficulty in communication, electronic breakdowns and even changes in the weather can take place.

If one is sensitive to energy flow, which I’m sure many of us on this site are, the effects of the retrograde are felt even more acutely. However, with conscious awareness, we are better able to cope and deal with the challenges that we find along the way. Personally, a great sense of relief washed over my soul and I was better able to see the lighter side of things after realising the cosmic reason behind my challenging week.

Here’re some survival tips I’d like to share with all of you out there to better cope with the effects of the Mercury retrograde:

1. [highlight color=”yellow”] Avoid making major decisions [/highlight] (wherever possible) during this period – Our judgement may be marred by the retrograde which affects communication on all levels, even the intra-personal communication going on in our head. of course, for those who have master the consciousness and bodies, the energy may not neccesary affected much.

2. [highlight color=”yellow”] Rest, a lot [/highlight] – ensure that you load up on rest and sleep during this period, so you’ll be better equipped physically to deal with the challenges life may present you. Also, things are less likely to screw up when we are asleep. Certainly gives new meaning to the term “hibernation”.

3. [highlight color=”yellow”] Breathe, even more [/highlight] – deep breaths are the way to go for the weeks that lie ahead. This helps to keep our tempers and moods in check, so as to avoid quarrels or misunderstandings with family and colleagues.

4. [highlight color=”yellow”] Dowse for tips [/highlight] on how to cope using charts from the Well-Being series – receive Divine guidance on how best we can get through the period. Since we’re likely to bite off the heads of people around us, let your pendulum advise you on how you can alleviate the effects of the retrograde.

5. [highlight color=”yellow”] Maintain your sense of humour [/highlight] – keeping things light and laughing off inconveniences aids tremendously. Laughing also helps to dispel the doom and gloom around our auric field. So whenever possible, have a hearty laugh. Mother was right when she said that laughter was the best medicine!

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