5 Reasons Why Your Chosen Healing Modality Might Not Work

There are more than hundreds of different healing system and modalities in the new age movement such as Reiki, EFT, Theta Healing, Reconnective Healing, etc. Each type of the healing method works differently but I believe all lead to the same goal – to heal the imbalances of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.

Based on my past experience, there are mainly two groups of people who have the interest to learn these healing techniques.

1.       Those who have the deep longing to work with nature, vibration, energy and healing. This group of people usually has the strong feeling and urge to want to heal, serve and help people and the world.

2.       People who have physical, mental and emotion issues. They hope or believe the healing techniques will help them to heal their disease or discomfort.

No matter which group of people you are most associated with or what healing modalities you are practicing, I believe more than 70% of people have the tendency to drop their healing practice and this means it doesn’t work how they had intended. In this article, we are going to explore 5 reasons why we have this issue.

1.       The desire to see quick results – The physical world is different to the spiritual realms; vibration runs much faster in higher realms in comparison to the physical realms.  Many people want to see quick physical healing results. I would say most of the healing methods take time to heal the root causes especially when it comes to physical health issues.

2.       Lack of patience and persistence – When we are unable to see results in a short period, our ego starts to think, “This healing modality doesn’t work; now I am going to look at another healing technique to help me.”  A situation may become a bit like a dog chasing their own tail.

3.       Lack of understanding – “I know I am the best, I know what to do with this healing modality” is a way the negative ego starts to block the practitioner’s study to venture further into the healing techniques they have learned.  As soon as they see a little bit of a result, they believe they have healed the root causes but usually the issue will come back sooner or later due to a lack of understanding the root causes having only realized a superficial healing.

4.       Lack of practice –If we are going to venture into a new technique, no matter whether it is something as simple as Reiki, or modalities as complicated as Spiritual Response Therapy, all techniques share a common essence – practice, practice and practice!  Without practice it means stagnation within one evolution.  Techniques are just an external tool, but how to use the tool is entirely based on experiences and realization through practice. In fact Reiki can be as complicated as SRT J

5.       Lack of passion – A lot of people learn a healing technique just for the sake of healing, or simply wanting to heal themselves, family or friends. There is no deep passion for the art of healing.  Passion, desire, love and joy are required to build a long term relationship with the techniques that we learn as healers. Without that, we will eventually drop the practice.

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