Why Your Affirmation Doesn’t Work

If you have already read any materials related to the Law of Attraction, you will understand that one of the main purposes for using affirmations is to strengthen our belief system so that we can harness the power of subconscious mind to attract and manifest what we want in our life.

You may start thinking, yes I did start to affirm what I want, but it just doesn’t seem to happen as things just don’t go according to plan and seem worse than before.

In this article, we will explore 5 main reasons why your affirmation doesn’t work

1. Verbal instead of mind reading – During the time when we are working with an affirmation, we may be just using our mind to read from the material, such as an affirmation book or affirmation card. If that’s the case, our mind will just simply read and observe it, so it doesn’t have enough energy to hold the intention and it will not be able to create a solid belief and programming. The best way is to affirm it out loud verbally. Sound is form of vibration and when we use our voice, it creates a higher frequency, thus it helps to strengthen the belief, so your subconscious mind thinks you are quite serious and mean what you are saying.

2. Don’t be greedy – sometimes we just want everything in one go, especially when it comes to affirmations. Our ego may think, ‘the more affirmations we read, the better it will go!’ But do you know, when we are reading a list of affirmations, we tend to lose focus of which affirmation we are actually focusing on? Because of this, the mind is not able to register the affirmation since it has already become confused. To counteract this, why not just pick 1 affirmation and focus on it with all your energy and enthusiasm? I would suggest that affirmations are done at least twice a day for 5 to 10 minutes every time.

3. Lack of perseverance – affirmations mean we keep on affirming what we want so that it becomes a part of the positive belief in our mind. But, most of the time we tend to lose focus and become distracted by external factors such as work challenges or relationship issues, so it is very important to set your own time and focus on the affirmation everyday without letting external challenges beat you. From the scientific and metaphysic point of view, if we keep on doing the same affirmation for 21 days, it will form a positive habit and programme within our subconscious mind, so why not set yourself a goal, do it for 21 days and also show your faith to God?

4. Lack of Feeling and Emotion – How we are feeling when we are doing our affirmation work directly affects their efficiency. If you are affirming but feeling a fear of lack or you are doing affirmations for the sake of affirming then your affirmations are not likely to work the way you want them too. Our feelings and emotions serve as the “lubricant” for affirmations so if we charge up the affirmation with positive feelings of love, joy and enthusiasm, your manifestation power will be significantly magnified. It is the same process in reverse if you affirm with emptiness or coldness, the feeling will eventually block the manifestation process and your affirmations will not work.

5. Too focused on Positive beliefs – Our subconscious mind is full of a mixture of positive and limiting beliefs that may cause inner conflict. For example, we belief we want abundance, yet we also believe we don’t deserve it. This issue is known as having dual-beliefs. So these two beliefs actually counteract the other, with the end result of nothing being achieved. When we want to cultivate positive beliefs we have to be willing to be honest with ourselves to see if we have any negative and limiting beliefs that may block the “new” positive belief that we are trying to cultivate from being manifested? To do this, create a list of negative beliefs that you may have and clear them from your subconscious mind through affirmation work. By doing this, your new and positive affirmations are able to function easily and effectively.

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