Soul Memories Techniques 2 – 7 Steps to get yourself ready to give a past life reading

Last week, we talked about the right reasons and themes for getting into past life readings. This week, we will talk about preparation work. In order to get connected to the source, you need to prepare your four-bodes to get ready for the connection.

Our four-bodies- physical, emotional, mental and spiritual serve as the conduit to work with the source, to reconnect with the angelic sources, so that we are able to send and receive information between two points.

If our body is not ready because of physical fatigue, emotional instability or mental chatter, these can interrupt the flow of channelling with the divine source.

It is a similar concept like connecting to the internet for information. If the computer input devices like the keyboard, mouse, wifi router, internet services provider or power sources are not ready, it is impossible to upload and download data in between the computer and internet.

In Buddhism, when they pray to the divine source, there’s one ritual of placing the entire body on the ground. In Chinese it is called Five Body on Ground (head, left hand, right hand, left leg, right leg). Growing up as a child, I did not really understand why this was practised. When I start thinking about it recently, I realised it is quite meaningful and denotes fully surrendering the physical, emotional, mental, personality and spiritual body. The meaning to me is that this does not allow any lower energy in the physical body, fear in the emotional body, limiting programming in the mind and faulty attitude in the personality to govern our life.


So, how do we prepare our four-bodies to be ready for the work?

First, we need to strike peace with our four-bodies. The bodies have their own intelligence and wisdom and they are like different aspects of YOU.

We must treat our four-bodies like our best allies, best friends and best lovers. We need to ask them to work together, to assist the clients to understand their life better, so that they can move on and create a successful life.

Secondly, you must drink a lot of water, ideally 500ml of pure water.

Water is an excellent conduit for cleansing the lower energies in our four-body system. It flushes away toxins that come from the inner and outer world and also help to carry higher vibrations in between my four-bodies and the source. Just like to connect with the internet, a computer needs electricity to transfer signal and data.

Thirdly you need a Sacred Affirmation – tell the universe what you want to achieve during the session and allow the divine source to guide you for the entire process. Details of the affirmation can be found on page 2 of Soul Memories Template System.

Fourthly, work on an Invitation – I like to work with the angelic forces as from my experience, they are the “easiest” to work with. Their energy is quite warm and loving compared to other beings. I will call archangels Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, Sandalphon and Metatron to be with me and my client in each direction. Left, right, front, back, below and above. I usually see the Metatron Cube forming to protect me and my clients.

As the fifth step ask for Clearing. Once you have invited the angelic forces into your space, you can start requesting clearing from the angelic forces and divine sources to clear any mis-aligned energy between yourself and the clients. This will help to have a clear connection between yourself and the client’s energy field.

As a sixth step call for Protection for yourself and the client in all levels. This can easily be achieved through saying the statement in page 5 of Soul Memories.

Finally ask for Space Clearing. If the inner space and outer space are having energy disturbances due to stagnant energies left over by other people you can ask Archangel Michael to perform a thorough clearing with platinum and violet rays to remove it. It is also important to seal off the space with higher vibrations so that no other beings can get in throughout the process.

Intention is an important key factor here. Intend by saying out verbally with positive emotion to the universe. Sentences printed in the Soul Memories can help you to achieve this purpose.

As a reminder to the reader, getting the four-bodies ready is the most important step to getting the reading right.

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