Soul Memories Techniques 1 – The Right reasons before getting into past life reading.

During the years of giving past life readings to my clients, there were many reasons why people wanted to know their past lives by using Soul Memories.

Most of the clients were pretty much influenced by the information in the media, books, society and cultural believes about past lives. Therefore every client who comes for their past life reading may hold different intentions for checking out certain information.

Most of them may just be curious about who they were and want to find out what they were doing in their past lives.

In order to help yourself and your client maximize the time and value of the reading, It is good to come up with a systematic approach to guide your client’s focus on their life lessons instead of just satisfying their curiosity.

I usually discuss beforehand with them, find out what is their current life challenges are first and then come up with a theme before starting the past life reading.

Some clients may know what they want from the readings and some may not. For those client not sure of their objective of the reading, I usually ask a few question to assist them look into their life.

Some questions are:

Do you have any area in your life you are not happy about?

Do you see yourself having a good relationship with your father, mother, or sibling? 

Are you having a harmonious relationship with your partner?

Do you enjoy what you are doing? 

In most cases, the clients will tell me in details which area of their life they are not happy with. From then I will keep on asking more questions to help both of us come up with a theme to work on.

For example, if the client is not happy with the relationship with his/her mother, I will ask in detail to find out their present life relationship challenges.

Once I have get a better picture of what the client has gone through, I will ask my client a few more questions.

Would you want to know what is the karmic life lesson you are supposed to learn in this life with your mother?

Would you want to know how to hold a harmonious  relationship with your mother in this life time?

My clients usually say yes and are eager to know.

And so this will be the theme for the client.

“What is the karmic life lesson and how to maintain a harmonious relationship with his/her mother?”

With the appropriate theme for the client, it will help my client get a better result in terms of healing, instead of just checking out their past life stories without any constructive result.

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