8 Limiting Beliefs which Block Divine Connection to the Angels and Divine Spirits

I have conducted dowsing courses for many years in Asia. In almost every class, I have observed my students encounter blocks which impede or stop their connection to the divine realm during the dowsing process. This too, afflicts experienced dowsers who join my advanced dowsing classes. Unfortunately, as revealed to me by Spirit, majority of the answers received by my students have been filtered through their ego mind system.
As such, it is very important to have a firm foundation upon which to build one’s dowsing practice upon. Otherwise, erroneous or tainted answers can result when one is attuned to the wrong Source.

First of all, we need to thoroughly examine our minds and uncover all negative mindsets, limiting beliefs or subconscious programming which can potentially block us from receiving accurate, divinely-inspired answers. These blocks can stem from faulty beliefs carried over from our childhood years, societal programming or can even be traced back to our past lives. Traumatic experiences in past lives can leave a strong imprint on our energy systems which can deeply affect our subconscious mind in this present incarnation.

Below, I have listed 8 major limiting beliefs every dowser should check themselves for which can potentially serve as blocks to obtaining accurate answers during the dowsing process.

  1. I am fearful of working with my super-conscious mind and Higher Self or any unfamiliar entity through channeling or dowsing.
  2. I will cause harm to myself and others if I know the truth through channeling or dowsing.
  3. I am shy or nervous to know the truth through pendulum dowsing.
  4. It is difficult to know the answer through dowsing with a pendulum.
  5. I doubt pendulum dowsing will work.
  6. I am worried about getting wrong answers from Higher Self and angels by using pendulum.
  7. Most likely my own ego moving the pendulum.
  8. If I get the right answer through dowsing and channeling for my clients, my clients may not able to handle it the truth.

Once you have checked an cleared yourself of any of the above limiting beliefs, you care well on your towards a fulfilling and insightful dowsing process.

P.S: If you can think of any other beliefs which might serve as block to effective dowsing, please feel free to share it below. 🙂

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