The Toughest Life Lessons on Earth.


After the “Dowsing with Metatron” workshop at Lightworks, I went back to KokWai house.  I was  lying on the bed, trying to let my other “4 new found lovers” (bodies) rest for awhile. A topic started floating around in my mind; ‘What is the toughest life lessons on earth?’

As I was doing this, just like a computer installing a program into the hard disk, a whole chunk of information downloaded into my mind relating to this topic.

I try to summarize the message in point forms:

1. The toughest lessons in the human life are not financial challenges, the loss of a loved one, being cheated by someone you trusted, feeling oppressed by an authority figure, physical health problems or how to serve the humanity, or the world. All these are just a matter of results or byproducts of a lack of love and light towards our physical body, emotional body, mental body and soul body.

2. If human beings are able to focus more on how to express love to each of their bodies, the personality body will be able to understand what the other bodies need and, become wiser so as to let the 4-body system work in an integrated fashion.

3. To make it easier to conceptualize for our human mind understanding, Metatron said to me,  ‘Simply treat each of the 4 bodies as my 4 individual lovers and to give them a name if I wanted.’ Then, to ask the following questions via my personality body.

(4 Lovers means 4 body system – The Physical, Emotional, Mental, Soul Bodies)

a. When was my last time I have communicated and talked to my 4 lovers?

b. How often I have been expressing my love towards them?

c. If one of the lovers is suffering, am I listening to them and helping them?

d. Am I ignoring my body’s request?

e. Do I focus more of my love to an external Soul or factors like “an external lover” more than the inner one?

f. Am I treating the body like an object?

g. Am I using them and taking advantage of my 4 lovers just to feed the ego and personality body need?

h. If you said that “I love my 4 lovers”, do you really mean it or are you just sayig it because you have no choice and want to get rid of the problem? (physical health problems etc)

i. Will the personality do whatever it takes to prioritize the love back to the 4 lovers first, instead of to the external love such as family, career and friends?

j. If one of the 4 lovers is sick, do I just have the intention to get rid of the pain or illness, or do I simply love them and don’t want my lover to keep on suffering due to my past mistakes and lack of care of them?

k. Am I loving my lovers because other people tell me so?

l. Am I willing to take some time off for the 4 lovers?

Love is not obligation or responsibility, love is a natural process for any Soul created by God, it is beyond any form of human words and language. When we are able to hold love in our bodies, love naturally shines to any human Soul near you, from you.

There are no more attacks and life lessons, because we have already learned the toughest soul lessons on earth. The reunion of the 4 inner lovers.

Once we have gone through the process of love, if someone is trying to attack us in any form the rest of the 4 body system will start to protect all of the bodies, through the highest vibration – love.

There will be no more hate, anger, frustration, judgment, jealousy and hundreds over types of fear in your emotional body because you and the rest of the body will not have any space for the fear.

There will be no more hundreds over types of limiting and love-destructive programming in the human mental body because you and the rest of the body will not have any space for these beliefs.

There will be no more self-made dis-ease and illnesses due to lack of love to the human physical body  because you and the rest of the body will not have any space to these unconscious harms.

There will be no more blocks to your own soul and higher self due to lack of love and care to the rest of the lower bodies. You and the rest of the body will not have any space to these unconscious attacks.

Just like a mother it will not let anyone hurt their child and you will not let one of your bodies start to feel hurt and react with anger or fear.

By Darreck

BodyMaitre – A series of workshop and skill learning class inspired by Metatron,  on how to express love and communicate to the 4 inner lovers
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