Assist! Not Insist

More often than not, lightworkers have the proclivity of getting overly attached to their clients and the desired outcome. Marjorie shares, “It is plain to me what the solution is, and I have advised my client as such. After the nth time of my client coming back to me with the same old problem, I have this urge to pummel her; I simply cannot comprehend how some people can be so dense!

As lightworkers, our jobs so to speak, is to illuminate the path ahead for our clients. Whether or not they choose to follow the lighted path, is entirely a matter of free will. No amount of pummelling (not an advisable course of action!) is going to be sufficient to nudge people onto the “correct” path. What may seem perfectly logical and feasible to us, may be extremely difficult for the client to carry out.

Hence, we are all here to assist, not insist.

There is a time and place for everything, and perhaps it is not yet the correct time for the person involved to see the light of the situation.

Detached Involvement

They key to striking a balance between being an empathetic and effective lightworker is to practise detached involvement. As much as we are a part of our client’s journey, there is only so much we can, and are cosmically allowed to do. The rest is entirely up to them. We should also take extra

care not to be overly attached to the end result. As it has oft been said, it is the journey, and not the destination, that counts at the end of the day.

After having been as clear and accurate a channel as we can possibly be, it is ideal to detach ourselves from the situation and solution, and it leave to the inner wisdom of clients to act, or not act, on the divinely inspired advice.

Be very mindful too, not to let our practice become an ego trip. There are no key performance indicators to meet, targets to fulfil. Try very hard not to label clients as being “successful” or “unsuccessful”. That is how we can detach ourselves from the end results.

In conclusion, always remember that we have been blessed with certain gifts to assist our clients on their personal journeys. We must take pains to remember never to insist, or force a solution upon them, if they are not willing to accept it.

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