Say It as it Is

Over the weekend, an auspicious event occurred in the family and everyone beamed with joy. Within a few seconds of the shared euphoria, an abrupt aunt interrupted the festivities by saying, “Better to keep this information within our small group. Otherwise, one might risk ill fortune if naysayers get wind of the good news.”

I was startled by the conviction she had in her negative belief pattern, as demonstrated by her statement. Having been brought up in the Chinese culture, I cannot help but observe that many aspects of our behavioural and thinking patterns are tainted by a cloud of negativity.

Just the other day, a friend clucked in my direction when I proclaimed a positive statement about my health. This is what she had to say to me, “Always say the opposite of what the current situation is. Otherwise, you may just end up jinxing yourself, being so open about the good in your life.”

How odd the statement is in the big scheme of things! In our spiritual practice, we have been taught to structure our affirmations with positivity in the present tense. Can you imagine how confused the Universe would be if it had to decipher our true intentions if we were to take my friend’s advice?

In a nutshell, I believe in speaking my truth, and sharing my intentions as they are. There really isn’t a need to hide good news and observations in anti-theistic statements. If one is affected by naysayers, then one’s personal conviction and belief is not sufficiently strong to withstand the views of others. The onus is then on one to work on his or her own inner belief, energising it to the level where it is impermeable to the negativity of others.

In addition, I too, believe that the multiplying effect kicks in when well-meaning friends and relatives partake in the joy of the occasion. Hence, our joy and successes are magnified when we share the good news with the people around us.

In my reply to the aforementioned aunt in the first paragraph, I assured her that it was no business of mine sharing good news with people who did not intend the best for me. After all, we ought to be discerning of the company we keep, and that’s the truth of the matter.

Do remember to say it as it is, and to be clear about our intentions and situations to the Universe. Or you might end up getting the opposite of what you really want!

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