Case Study – Identifying Money and Prosperity blocks using pendulum

Kenny is a nice and loving guy in his 40s; he is working as Project Manager which gives him a stable income. Although he is hard working in his work, he has difficulties in being able to save and keep money. He also has a habit of spending money on unnecessary things.

Kenny wanted to find out the reason for this so he is used his pendulum and asked his Higher Self by using the Law of Attraction Dowsing Charts Set.

‘Do I have any limiting money beliefs blocking my ability to properly mastery and keep money? ‘

The pendulum swung to the ‘yes’ signal.

So he used the negative money belief charts and asked, ‘which negative money beliefs chart do I need to use?’ The pendulum swung and pointed to the Negative Money Beliefs – Value Beliefs Chart.

He asked further, ‘which Negative Value Beliefs?’

The pendulum swung to ‘There is no need for more since I can’t take it with me anyway.’

Kenny felt that this was a true statement for him as his father, since he was young, had always told him not to be attached to money as he couldn’t take it with him when he died. So he realized that he had been carrying this limiting philosophy around all of his life.

In a way he felt that this belief was one of the main reasons causing him to be unable to hold onto money as sub-consciously he felt that money was not important and something that one cannot keep forever.

Kenny also used the Positive Belief for Money and Prosperity Chart to find out which positive affirmation would be able to help him reprogram his mind related to this matter.

The pendulum swung to “I believe that I allow myself to have more than I ever dreamed possible”

Kenny had a deep realization with this and felt that although we are unable to keep money forever we shouldn’t spend it carelessly as it is part of the material face of God.

He also consciously reprogrammed his belief system about money through affirmation by striking the balance of loving money energies yet not being too attached to money through consciously spending only on those on things that are necessary.

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