Giving a Relationship reading to friends

Have you ever experienced your soul mate telephoning you when you are about to go to bed; complaining over the phone and sharing with you how her husband is becoming cold towards her?   With it appearing to you that there is nothing much you can do for her besides patiently listening to her story.

In this email, Janice shares her experiences of this situation and how she used a pendulum and a set of dowsing charts to help her friend by providing her with a reading to uncover and address the issues within her relationship.

Experience sharing by Janice, USA (published with permission)

I have recently bought the pendulum charts from you and I have found them amazing and incredibly accurate.  A few days ago I was helping a close friend who was having relationship issues with her husband. The husband seemed to be growing cold towards her other the past few months.  So I suggested that she use dowsing to uncover the reason and see what changes were needed in order for them to have a harmonious relationship?

I have always believed that any relationship is a form of life lesson, where each party can learn and grow in the way that they most need and, that there is no such things as being a victim. There is only the lesson and experience.

So I offered to help her and asked for permission from my friend to see if she was interested in having a mini session and she was willing to try out.

After I received permission from her, I start using your methods from the dowsing manual and started by invoking the Angels to clear our energy field and space to make sure no “interferences’ and “entities” were blocking the connection to work with our Higher Self. Once I had grounded my energies I started asking the Higher Self a series of questions:

Janice: Is my friend Carrie having the opportunity to learn some specific lessons within this relationship issue with her husband?

Higher Self : Yes

What is the main Negative Ego perception from my friend, Carrie, which is causing the relationship issue and making her husband cold to her?

(I am asking this question by using Negative Ego charts from Self Mastery Series)

High Self : Harsh (pendulum pointed to Harsh)

I asked Carrie, using soft tones and carefully asking her, since it is a sensitive topic.… ‘Is there any chance you are harsh towards your husband?’

Initially, she didn’t register this in her mind but, once she started to think more carefully about it, she replied.. ‘yeah sometimes my voice is quite harsh when I am speaking to my husband. Especially during  a conversation or discussion of certain topic about a new idea for his work when I don’t agree with him….he always says I am not supporting him…’

So I asked the Higher Self further questions, by using the spiritual centered attitude charts from Self Mastery Series.

‘What quality should Janice cultivate in order for her to master and learn in order to have a harmonious relationship within this marriage?’

The pendulum started swinging to “Builder and Lifter of Others”.

So I told Carrie, why not try something different?  ‘Every time you start a conversation with your husband, choose to be consciously gentle and listen to his new ideas in a supportive way.  You could try out lifting his spirits through a great supporting smile and not being too quick to judge.’

Carrie agreed that she would try this out and see…

I also used the Archangels Chart Series to see what advice they would like to be given to Carrie.

From the Archangel Guidance Chart, I asked ‘Which Archangels shall we call upon to help Carrie?’  The pendulum pointed to Archangel Raphael.  I went to the Archangel Raphael chart and asked Archangel Raphael what guidance he had for her and the pendulum swung to “Space Clearing”.

Carrie told me that she had started thinking, ‘yeah.. recently I am not feeling comfortable in the space I’m in, it seems like it is making us feel down and irritated.’

So I suggested to her that she cleanse her space by inviting Archangel Raphael to help her.  We did a clearing session the next day at her home.

A few months later, Carried called back and told me that her relationship with her husband had improved a lot! Her husband has since said ‘when you are gentle and nice you are a good listener’

Thanks a lot for creating such great charts.  I have found them really helpful not only for my personal growth but also for helping my friend to save her relationship!

Janice, USA



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