Health is Wealth

I consider the physical body as a vessel on earth in which I go about my business on earth school. Think of it as your trusty car which takes you from work to play. As with cars which require regular servicing and washing to be in tip top condition, our physical bodies require the same level of care in order to perform optimally.

There are times when we become too pre-occupied with sorting out issues on the emotional, mental and spiritual level that we neglect our physical vehicles. Do remember that we can only traverse on earth plane as long as our physical bodies can manage the journey. It is very important that we honour and take care of our physical health. Indeed, it is only when we are physically fit that we can begin our journey towards achieving abundance on all levels.

Here’re some pointers you can take note of when it comes to maintaining the tip top condition of our physical bodies and health:

1. Exercise whenever you can – in an ideal situation, we would be exercising five times a week, thirty minutes each session. However, more often than not, many of us are not able to keep to that schedule. Whenever we can, sneak in bits of extra physical activity into our daily lives such as walking the dog or taking the stairs instead of the elevator.

2. Wash fruit and veggies – in addition to eating plenty of fresh food and vegetables, it is important to clean them as thoroughly as possible. Invest in a trusty organic fruit and vegetable rinsing formula which can help get rid of residual fertiliser, pesticide and waxes.


3. Sufficient beauty rest is a must – sleep is a commodity that is under-rated in today’s increasingly fast-paced society. Try to clock in at least seven hours of sleep a night. Not only does the body repair and renew itself, our dream time travels to the higher realms may also yield the accumulation of higher wisdom that we can apply in daily living.

4. Breathe, deeply – conscious deep breathing more often helps to increase the oxygen content in our blood stream. We are more alert and energetic. In stressful times, our breathing becomes increasingly shallower. Make it a point to stop and take a few deep breaths. Not only will we feel less tense, we would also feel better equipped to handle the situation at hand.

5. Dowse to check the wellness quotient of your physical vehicle – in addition to simple muscle testing, Abundance Belief’s 238 Health Tips chart is now available for you to receive divinely guided advice and health tips. Gain extra knowledge that your body wants you to know in order to take even better care of it! After all, what the body wants and needs, the body knows best!

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