How to use a pendulum and charts for spiritual growth?

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I have been practicing dowsing for almost 8 years now. At first like most others, I found it fascinating that the pendulum could move by itself and point to a specific answer on a set of pendulum charts.  Slowly through more practice and attending more dowsing classes, I found that dowsing could do even more than what I had imagined; from finding information and seeking lost objects to communicating with one’s Higher Self and other divine beings.

Like other lightworkers and spiritual seekers, I love to read metaphysical books and attend spiritual workshops and, after 10 years upon my spiritual journey, I truly realized that being a master of my mental body is very important because it is one of the essential keys to obtain success in any area of life.

I do believe that a lot of suffering and challenges in our life do come from our ego mind. Just imagine how our negative thoughts can affect our emotional body and beyond that, can cause illnesses to manifest in our physical body.

I undertake a daily spiritual practice of self-contemplation meditation and this has been very important for me to develop this understanding.  During this meditation, sometimes it is kind of tough for me to discern for myself what ego is causing the issue and challenges. So, I have created a lower ego dowsing chart to assist me within this purpose so that I can check which ego is being represented in the current issue and challenges.

In this article, I would like to share how I use my pendulum to help me identify what I need to work on to solve my challenges.

Many years ago I used to be a very quick and bad tempered person, if someone unreasonably shouted at me, I would get very angry and even shout back at them whether they were my business clients or loved one. I felt that this was something I needed to heal within myself and I needed to find out what the reasons were that were causing me to easily react in that way. So I created two pendulum dowsing charts; The Negative Ego Chart and The Spiritual Centered Attitude Chart. I am also very grateful to the I AM University for allowing me to use their information in order for me to be able to complete this chart and share it with more people.

Here’s an example of the steps I take using these two charts:

I begin with a short meditation to ground my energy and feelings so that I am centered within my self:  To do this, I Imagine I am merging with my Higher Self and that I can feel the love of the spirits presented within me.

Once I feel that I am centered enough for my mental and emotional body to stay neutral I start posting questions to my Higher Self.

‘I have the issue of being quick tempered when people are being unreasonable to me. Can you show me what negative ego presented in my consciousness that is causing this issue which I need to work on?’

From the left bottom corner indicator, it pointed to Outside Chart Right.


So I positioned my pendulum over the chart and asked again, ‘which negative ego’.

The Pendulum Pointed to “Attached to other people’s Lessons”

From the ego readings above, I understood that I was too attached to other people’s lessons. What my Higher Self meant is that this is their spiritual lesson which they need to work out and that I need to work on not letting their lesson and affect me mentally and emotionally.

Next I moved to the Spiritual Centered Attitude Chart, and posted a question to my Higher Self.

What spiritual centered attitude shall I cultivate further for me to overcome the issue?

From the left bottom corner indicator, it pointed to Inside Chart Left.


So I positioned my pendulum over the chart and asked again, which spiritual centred attitude.

The Pendulum Pointed to  “Whole and Complete / Non-Attached”

From that point onward, I realized my own specific issue/lesson and now always remind myself not to become attached to other people’s lessons.  It helps me a lot in being detached from the lessons of other people.

I hope these steps of how to use The Negative Ego and The Spiritual Centered Attitude Chart will help you to further cultivate abundance consciousness in your own spiritual journey.

If you have further questions about using these charts you may post your comment / question below. For those yet to download these charts, it is part of Self Mastery Series and only costs USD9.90 at the current introductory promotion price.

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