Top five fear-based behaviors which may block us to receive accurate answer when dowsing

In my early years of practicing dowsing, the concern on the accuracy of the dowsing methods to seek for advice was always a challenge. I have summarized the top five common fear-based behavior that I have encountered in myself in the past, and I share here how I had been able to overcome them.

1. Self-Doubts –  Am I receiving accurate answer? Is it true that higher self is communicating with me through the pendulum and dowsing charts? It took me quite a long while to get over this doubt.

Doubt creates confusion. It only clouds the connection between you and higher self and other higher consciousness beings like Guides, High Self, Angels and Masters. The opposite of Self-Doubt is positive Self-Esteem. This is about believing that I can do it, I am part of God’s Creation and I am good enough to be with God!

Affirmation : I am a unique, whole and precious soul in human body.  I am always doing the best that my awareness permits, ever growing in wisdom and love.

2. Worry – this comes from being too attached to the dowsing results, whether we are dowsing for self, friends or clients.  Am I doing a good job? Will I be causing harm to the clients? Will I incur any karma if I did a reading wrong?

I found that the best way to overcome this problem is to remember, that it is most important to hold a pure and love based intention when we are doing our dowsing work. I am doing it with love and doing it full heartily. I also work with the intention and hope that it is for ours or the client’s highest good. Worry will only block the channeling process and connection. As long as I am keeping up the effort of constant self learning with a pure heart, our connection shall not be affected.

Affirmation : I am fully aware of my value system and am confident of every decision I make based on my current level of awareness.

3. Competition and Comparison – sometimes when a group of dowsing practitioner come together to check certain things, they tend to compare the findings and results. Most of the time, the answer may varies. After that, fear may kick in – i.e. am I getting accurate answers? Or perhaps even thinking that mine is the accurate answer and others are not. From these lessons, I have learnt not to compare.

Comparing is actually quite waste of time and energy, it only trigger more ego-based behavior and this will cause more problems. There are many reasons why the answers may not be the same. First of all, the accuracy depends on how clear is the channel i.e. the person (belief system, perception, judgment, etc). Furthermore, everyone may have connected to different sources, different High Self, different beings, and even at different levels of consciousness.

The different ways of putting a question across may also yield different results. For example, a question like “what is the value for me to change job” may have different results if we change the question to “what is the value for me to change job in term of 30% increment of current salary if I work on my personal issue of laziness?”

Affirmation : I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy. I am evolving into a highly elevated and well-developed, whole being.

4. Judgmental – Being a holistic consultant and teacher is not an easy job. Clients may come with various emotional issues and challenges. They might even make unreasonable requests during the session. Learning how to be detached and not be easily affected by other people energy is essential. If one is affected, then drama and argument may come into play, affecting us considerably and certainly jeorpadising the clarity we should have. We should therefore be open and honest in knowing where our own weaknesses, biasness, prejudices, needs and preferences are, and be aware that these are not projected upon our client through our dowsing and answers.

Affirmation : I have released and let go of all desire and feelings of fear. I am free of all fear of ridicule, of judgement from others, and of criticism.

5. Self Pride – No doubt we will feel good when we see and know that clients have benefited from private sessions or classes we gave. The negative ego will pop its head up, “Aha! I’m quite good actually and better then a lot of people!” Such prideful thought and behaviour usually is the greatest obstacle to the accuracy in our divinity dowsing work. As we all know, with Pride cometh the Fall!  This will only result in  a fall in the level of our of consciousness. This will also, obviously, contaminate us as a channel too. So always look into the mind and stay away from pride and ego.

Affirmation : I am joyful and thankful for each one of my life experiences. I gain wonderful golden nuggets of wisdom from each. They make me grow. I am also thankful for every person I have come to I know and meet in each of life’s experiences.

If you wish to know what ego may blocking you to channel (Channelling through voice, writing, arts or dowsing etc), use pendulum to find out with the negative ego charts in Self Mastery Series.

Question to Higher Self : What ego can block me to be a clear channel?

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