Negative Money Beliefs

A most common issue amongst many is the issue of lack – with money. If one is experiencing that and difficulties in manifesting money and abundance in life, we need to look into the possibilities of having underlying and hidden negative beliefs and programming about money, either consciously or subconsciously. We then need to address the blocks generated by the fears from these beliefs and programming within the mind. We shall work to release these so that we can truly manifest what we want in our life.

There are three charts given to address the negative beliefs of money:

1.      Negative Common Money Beliefs

2.      Identity/Self esteem Beliefs

3.      Value Beliefs

Negative Money Beliefs List

Each of the charts list different negative beliefs that may block us from further cultivating money and abundance in our life.

We are able to use these divinity charts to help us identify what negative money beliefs are residing within the sub-conscious mind that are blocking us from realizing the  manifestation of money and prosperity.

We can pose the following questions to our Higher Self:

Higher Self, which negative money belief in this chart is blocking me from cultivating the highest potential in my consciousness?

Higher Self, which negative belief in my consciousness is contributing to the situation of ________________? (Specific money issue, challenges etc)

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