Positive Beliefs for Creativity

Creativity is not just limited to artists or musicians. It is really a form of divine intelligence that is available to every living being. We create our lives every day.  Whether one is an artist, teacher, trader, businessmen or cashier every one of us has our own talents and abilities to create the life we desire. Most of us have been programmed by our parents, family and society with limiting beliefs that prevent us from reaching our potential. For example, we may have retained memories of our parents or teacher saying that we are stupid. Thus, this negative belief which has stayed in our subconscious became a strong unconscious belief that limited our inner potential until today.

Questions we can pose to the Higher Self include:

Higher Self, which positive belief on creativity do I need to cultivate more in my consciousness?

Higher Self, which positive belief can I cultivate to strengthen my belief system which will enhance my situation of ________________?  (Creativity issue, challenges etc)

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