Positive Beliefs for Self-Esteem

Do you fear speaking the truth in front of people?

Do you have thoughts of being undeserving of abundance?

Do you feel that you are not good enough to be loved?

Do you doubt your work capabilities?

Do you feel that you can’t handle a work or project well?

Are you fearful of getting what you want in life?

The lack of self esteem is usually caused by erroneous and incorrect programming and beliefs that one holds on to, which cause us to limit our true potentials. If we have self esteem issues, these will undoubtedly block our path to success in life.

Questions we could ask the Higher Self are:

Higher Self, which positive belief on self-esteem can I cultivate further in my consciousness?

Higher Self, which positive belief can I cultivate to strengthen my positive belief system and enhance my situation of ________________? (self-esteem issue, challenges etc)

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