Soul Memories Techniques 4 – How to establish crystal clear connection with Divine Source?

For Soul Memories system, once we have follow the template and step for harmonizing our mind and heart  for past life reading, next step will be activate and send a command to instruct your subconscious mind to completely accept and believe on every level of your being that you are confident and get accurate answers and guidance from your Divine Sources.

In the Soul Memories System Chart 11, The scripts is already pre-programmed in the divine consciousness level. When you say the invocation listed in this page , the soul programming will linked up with you, automatically access the soul command to activate confidence program in all level. Which will help you to strengthen your connection with divine source.

Imagine you are operating a computer through internet, your computer installed with “confidence” programme from the “Soul Memories” server, as when you install and “press” the key to launch the program, it will automatically run the details scripts from the programme itself.

This may sound a little bit “techie” but the Computer / Internet Methodology is exactly reflecting how God work in this world.

Once you have completed the “Confidence” Activation, it is time to check the connection accuracy level.

Chart 12 Is  Accuracy & Connection Verification.

When you say out the command on this page, it is going to open up full permission of your channel, allowing divine sources to scan your energy fields and bodies, to determine how clear is your channel.

Once you have have given permission to divine source, move to next step, page 13. request checking of the % of clarity of your channel,  the divine source will go through your pendulum and point to the % Level.

Imagine your pendulum is your computer screen and indicating results for you.

If the pendulum swing and pointed to 100%, which mean your connection with your divine source is strong and protected, without interferences.

Imagine you are connecting your computer to Internet, and your “Connection WIFI Signal is strong”.

If you receive any answer below 100%, which might be indicating your connection have blocks and interferences, these “hiccup” might be coming from the connection itself, dimension, space or yourself.

Next step,  go to chart 14, find out exactly what’s blocking you to receive crystal clear connection with your divine sources.

Imagine your wifi signal connection to internet is weak, now it is time to identify the causes.

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