Using Soul Book in Soul Memories Class

During the Last weekend, a Soul Memories participant asking me if it is possible to use the Soul Book in the Soul Memories class to ask for present life guidance. His question is about deciding whether want to migrate and work in Australia or not.

Here’s my reply:

If you wish to stay and work in Australia, then the suggested question to consult Archangel Metatron and your wisdom self will be rephrase like these:

Remember ask Angel Metatron and Wisdom Self research the questions and situation first before asking the question below:

1. What spiritual test will be presented if i choose to stay and work in Australia? (use the spirtual test chart in Soul  Memory Book to find out), you may also find out past lives related to this spiritual test so Archangel and your wisdom self give you a bigger picture of the lesson

2. What is the financial value for me to stay and work in Australia? (0-100%) use the % chart in Soul Memory Book to find out.
You may wish to change financial value to others based on what you want)

3. If Value not 100%, then you can ask, what Positive Soul Expression i can cultivate to raise the Value if i really wish to migrate and working in Australia?
(use Positive Soul Experience Charts in Soul Memory book to find out all the qualities)

4. What Life experiences i might encounter if i choose the option to migrate and work in Australia (based on my current level of consciousness)?
(This will give you insight what lessons or challenges you might facing based on your current level of awareness and consciousness.)

With the information above, it will help you to give you guidance and make a better decision for your life purpose. Every action is a free-will, it depend how we execute it and whether we are  learning our lessons or not.

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