Stop, Breathe and Proceed

Daryl was a very angry man. He was indulging in a spot of woodwork in his workshop when he accidentally toppled a container of nails. Cussing at his lousy luck, Daryl angrily bent over to begin picking up the nails. In his haste, his elbow brushed against the work table top and upset a tub of glue which had been resting upon it. The infuriated man started to stamp his feet and what do you know, one of the fallen nails pierced through the sole of his shoe. Daryl was left hopping mad, so to speak.

How many times have we found ourselves in a situation like Daryl’s? A minor inconvenience can spiral into something much bigger, amplified by our rage and annoyance. Accidents and inconveniences do happen. It is all part and parcel of life and not something which life dishes out to torment us.

The way we react and deal with these incidents is all that truly matters. Maintaining one’s calm and composure (I know that it’s hard but please try!) is of utmost importance. Take a deep breath to dispel the train of anger coursing through the energy system as that increases the likelihood of a second accident happening. Remember that like attracts like, and anger begets only more anger! Once we have calmed down sufficiently, proceed with cleaning up the mess or doing whatever it takes to remedy the situation.

In stressful times, it pays to remember this mantra, where we [highlight color=”blue”] “stop, breathe and proceed”. [/highlight]

Stopping oneself is crucial as it firewalls the destructive train of angry thoughts and prevents the situation from spiralling out o control. We should be in control of the situation, and not let the situation control us.

Hence, that is why it is so very important that we maintain our calm and composure when it comes to our spiritual practice or energy work. We want to keep the energies pure and vibrations high, and not allow distractions or irritations to taint the integrity of our work.

Doing research or dowsing for advice/answers using the pendulum requires a tremendous amount of patience and persistence. When we face interruptions of any nature, we must keep at the task with focus and be extremely mindful not to let the slightest feeling of irritation cloud the responses we are receiving.

If one is unable to “stop, breathe and proceed”, then it is better perhaps to take a break from the session (if possible) and resume a few minutes later when one has regained composure and clarity.

Whatever situation we find ourselves in, the mantra is a handy tool to keep on hand to help us deal with the curveballs life sometimes deals us.

Note: Use Spiritual Centered Attitude pendulum dowsing chart in Self Mastery Series to find out how to stop accessive and destructive emotion and thought patterns.

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